The Process
The timescale for a loft conversion will vary depending of the type of loft you go for but a typical conversion will take around six weeks.

This is what would happen during a typical loft conversion:
Before the build
1. After you have contacted us, we will arrange a visit to your property. We’ll listen to your requirements and give you advice on the best solutions as well as a rough estimate of costs.
2. We will then prepare a full written and fixed quotation for you. At this stage we will also explore whether you need planning permission or whether we can start work with a submission to the local authority for compliance with building regulations.
3. Once any necessary planning permission has been gained (this is an eight – ten week process) a date will be arranged for the build to start.
4. Three days before work beings, we will arrange for scaffolding to be erected.

Week One
5. During the first week, we will organise delivery of materials. Old insulation is stripped back along with anything else we don’t need to create a blank canvas.
6. Next, we cut a hole in the roof in order to gain access until the new stairwell is built. This is so we can limit disturbance to you as much as possible.
7. Steel beams are installed to support the weight of the roof and new floor structure and we’ll install timber joists for the new floor.
8. Plumbers and electricians may be called in at this point for a first fix by concealing any pipes and wires underneath the floor.
9. This will also be the time of your first building inspector visit. They will discuss materials to be used, procedures and any potential challenges.

Week Two
10. At the start of the second week, we would normally fix the new flooring and build any internal stud walls and structural walls.
11. Alterations would be made to the roof itself including the installation of roof-lights, dormers, and gables.
12. Old roof timbers will now be stripped out, outside weather protection is finished and the roof tiled.
13. Another visit from electricians and plumbers where necessary to fit wires, pipes, switches and sockets.

Week Three
14. During week three, we would normally cut and fit loft insulation.
15. There may be another visit from the building inspector at this point to check on-going work.
16. Plasterboarding will be cut and fitted to all new rooms.
17. We would now cut out the new stairwell access and carry out any necessary alterations to the flooring.

Week Four
18. The new staircase will be fitted during week four.
19. Plastering will take place on all new rooms and the stairwell and left to dry. It can take up to two days for plaster to dry properly.

Week Five
20. This is the time for final fitting: the plumber will attach radiators etc and the electrician will fit switches and light fittings.  Doors, latches, architraves, skirting, handrails and spindles will also be fitted.

Week Six
21. Finishing touches are made and the site tidied up.
22. Normally, in week six there will be a final inspection and report from the Local Authority building control officer and the work is signed off.

Your loft is now complete and ready to enjoy!
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